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2021 Boudoir Sessions

2021 is finally here! We have all been looking forward to the end of that horrible year and a new beginning. Cheers to the light at the end of the tunnel!

Even with the roll out of the vaccine we are still in it for a bit longer, which really limits your Valentines day plans. I think these sessions are an AMAZING gift (my own husband will back that up 😂...he was pretty shook by the ones I just shot of myself!) and a super fun experience for you!

Nervous? Literally, every single woman I have photographed for boudoir was super nervous walking in. Bringing along a friend for support (or booking back to back with your friend) can help calm your nerves. You may bring a drink to calm you as well, just keep consumption to a 2 drink maximum for safety's sake (I don't want to send you home in a Uber 😉) I will play your favorite music genre, be silly and not judge you one single bit. I myself am extremely comfortable and un phased by nudity, so don't worry about what I am thinking (because it's probably along the lines of what I am going to cook for dinner).

Prepping for your shoot is an experience in itself. Some of my best advice is included below:

  1. Avoid foods that make you feel bloated. Not so much for looks but for the feel. It's not fun to hold a hard back arch when your gut feels yucky.

  2. Take a long hot bath the night before or day of. Soak all that dead skin, exfoliate, shave and exfoliate again. This will help your skin glow and reduce razor bumps. Follow up with a good full body moisturizer. NEVER try a product you have never used before, especially if you have allergies. It would stink to break out from a new product. SKIP THIS WHOLE STEP IF YOU USE A SELF OR SPRAY TAN.

  3. Speaking of self tanner, it can tend to photograph on the orange side. Make sure you use something light. I love the loreal sublime bronze wipes for myself! one or two applications a couple of days before is enough to give a little glow.

  4. Hair and makeup: with all of the tutorials on youtube it is totally plausible to do your own hair and make up. A "going out" vibe is what you should be going for. If you have zero hair and make up skills, I do recommend getting it done by a professional.

  5. If you are bringing a friend make sure they are the cheerleader type and not the critical type. You want someone with you who will not be jealous or critical. Booking multiple sessions together is not a bad idea.

A bit about Covid: We take Covid very seriously at the studio. You will need to hand sanitize when entering the studio. Anyone not being photographed will need to wear a mask the entire time. I will wear a KN95 and prefer that those not being photographed wear a KN95 as well, if not a surgical mask ( I have them available) is required, no cloth masks please. Along with always following guidelines, myself and family use Xlear nasal spray ( before and after any contact outside of our immediate family. I run a MPR 1500 Hepa filer fitted fan in the shooting room and a fan pulling air out of the office. At closing time studio is deep sanitized with O3 at 6000mg/h for 1.5 hours and high touch surfaces are sprayed or wiped with lysol. Please adhere to all state mandated quarantine protocols and reschedule if you have Covid symptoms or close contact exposure.

Once you arrive we'll go through the outfits and accessories you brought and talk about your comfort level and the kinds of shots you and if this is for a significant other, the kinds of imagery they would love to see.

Shooting time! Grab a drink if you brought one and get changed. I will pose you simply at first and get you comfortable in front of the camera. As we progress so will your comfort level. The first few shots will feel awkward but I am confident it will become far less uncomfortable. You can be as covered or exposed as you want, as I said above, I'm not here to judge.

Once we are done shooting I will bring you into the office to view and choose your images. We can go over the editing process and talk about what you love and don't love. If we need to to do some adjusting we can do it together to get the look you want. I will edit your images and email them in a zip file with in 24 hours. You can make prints (I recommend, books, or just keep them on a usb drive.

I cannot wait to work with all of you amazing women to create beautiful images! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!


"I was a little nervous at first because I’m a 30 year old mom lol but you made me feel comfortable and I was able to just adjust and go with the flow . The music and having a drink definitely helped. Not to mention my husband is obsessed and I’m so glad I did it" - Lauren

"At 31 and having a baby I wasn’t sure. Nathan is one of the most difficult men to shop for and for Christmas I wanted to do something special and put a little more spark into our relationship. Heather is one of the beat photography’s out there. She made me feel so comfortable, she let me have one of my best friends there and with a little drink and some time it turned into so much fun and made me feel so beautiful and confident specially when I got the prints. Nathan was in love with his gift too for Christmas!!!" -Stacey

"I have to say what a liberating experience this was for me. I was going through a divorce and really was not feeling so great about the whole thing. Then someone suggested that I try and get some " self esteem back" I was still me just a new start. I have to say after doing these my self esteem was though the roof. When you are in a mind space where you think you're not as good as you once were do this. I am telling you seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who sees you not what you see yourself it's so liberating. Heather did such a fabulous job making me feel comfortable for starters. She paid attention to every detail you would never think of. She was amazing professional and gave this girl her groove back!. My pictures were done a few years back but still I look at them and say "girl you still got it". I can't thank her enough!" -Nichole


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